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We are a NFP organisation that helps women and children escaping coercive control into crisis accommodation. We have, in the community, people who donate their spare rooms, granny flats or properties to house women and children in need of immediate accommodation. 


Our project is an innovative service that enriches a community's spirit to support women & children. 


Emotional, economical and psychological abuse is the invisible abuse that cannot be evidenced.  Women & children lose their self-worth and dignity.  SafeHaven Community aims to give this back to our most vulnerable in order for them to work towards an independent future. 


Our Providers of rooms are security vetted through an intense onboarding program to ensure safety for all concerned.  Our guests go through the same.  In our 5 years of operation we have not had one security breach.

To find out more or get involved visit our website.

*The information contained on this page is intended to provide helpful information on this organisation. It is in no way a recommendation or endorsement for this organisation. 
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